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Sports cardiology is a growing subspecialty of cardiology that fills a void in the care of active individuals and athletes, both recreational and competitive, with cardiovascular disease or symptoms. Some athletes with underlying symptoms or concerns may feel dismissed by some providers given their athletic ability. Dr. Shah has a national reputation for diagnosing and treating complex heart conditions unique to active and athletic patients. He provides cardiovascular care for adults of all ages with a special expertise in caring for recreational (weekend warrior, 5k, gym goer), competitive, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes.

Dr. Shah created the first sports cardiology program in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region at MedStar Health in 2017. Sports & Performance Cardiology LLC in Chevy Chase, MD is the first in the country to offer patients the expertise of academic medical care from a nationally recognized sports cardiologist with the enhanced experience of a private practice care model.

We are a unique resource to active patients and athletes given this is a practice where we routinely see patients across the age spectrum who want to push their bodies to the limits. We take all symptoms and concerns seriously as we know that athletes or active individuals may not present with the same symptoms as their sedentary counterparts. Athletes may only experience symptoms or limitations at peak exercise, and symptoms may be subtle, such as an inability to maintain prior race pace or reflux-like symptoms that occur only with exercise.

While we know that exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, it does not make you immune to cardiovascular disease.

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Team Physician for 2022 Duel in the Pool | Sydney Olympic Park, Australia |
Dr. Shah with USA Swimming Duel in the Pool medical staff

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